My Best Friend


MY BEST FRIEND, is our sponsored program, the main goal of which is to contribute in a direct way to the children integral development through the Foundation’s three pillars: education, health and sports; thus preventing school dropouts, child labor and gang formation, among several other problems.

Every person can make a monthly economic contribution of $20,000 pesos, from the heart, to his or her best friend. With this amount, the selected kid’s participation in any of the three areas offered by the Foundation will be fully assured. As soon as the person becomes a kid’s best friend, he or she will be able to build a relationship through pictures and letters, getting to know about the child’s daily life activities and achievements, and how his or her quality of life has improved thanks to the best friend’s help. Letters will be sent every three months during the program’s yearly life.

With a yearly contribution of $240,000 pesos, you will benefit a girl or a boy with our Education + Sports = The Best Formula program, helping him or her build a better a future.

You have to meet just one condition in order to become the best friend of our program, being 18 years old or older or having a legal guardian.

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Sponsor a child annually: $240.000 ($120 USD)

Spors gear donations : $100.000 ($50 USD)

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