Education + Sports = The best Formula !

Monday, April 12, 2021


Educative Area

Clases for Elementary school kids, that live nearby the project. Classes go according to a program, on each step of their development.


Sports Area

Development of sport schools, where teachers evaluate and create sports programs for each specific school.


Recreative Area

Creating spaces of leisure, and community enrollment where sports, culture and recreating are promoted, ensuring a better use of spare time.

Education + Sports = The best Formula

This program takes place in the most vulnerable areas of the country through the suitability of sport scenarios, delivery of the required gear to engage in different sports disciplines, while at the same time aiding educational institutions in the area of influence, by hiring physical education teachers capable of instilling proper values.

We educate through sports, seeking to offer our children a comprehensive education, a healthier life and integral development by giving them the chance to learn and strengthen essential values, such as teamwork, respect and dedication. Our program focuses on complementing the basic education of these children in order to provide an integral formation, providing them with tools that keep them motivated to continue in school, leading them in a path that leaves behind the poor use of their free time, rejecting the streets, drugs and violence.

We focus on generating human sustainable development among our kids, increasing not only their opportunities but the ones of generations to come. To reach this goal we must “lead long and healthy lives, to be knowledgeable, to have access to the resources needed for a decent standard of living and to be able to participate in the life of the community” Sports, with their elements, can aid in the achievement of these conditions by encouraging physical activity which allows children and youths to lead a healthier life.

With our Education + Sports = The Best Formula program, we highlight every advantage that sports have on our children, such as physical and social aspects and the ability to interact with other children in a structured and guided scenario which differs from home and school, instilling behavioral models that will shape their future performance.

This program takes place in the most vulnerable areas of the country through the suitability of sport scenarios, delivery of the required gear to engage in different sports disciplines, while at the same time aiding educational institutions in their area of influence, by hiring physical education teachers capable of instilling the appropriate values.


Educational Area:
We believe in the importance of including physical education classes in schools in order to have a high quality education. This component not only improves the child’s learning abilities: evidence suggests that it increases school attendance and the overall performance of the kids that receive it. Our physical education teachers conduct courses for basic primary school children in schools that are in the neighborhood of the project, in accordance with a program established in advance Colombia’s Educational Authority, designed for each stage of development. Through games and physical activities, we supplement and reinforce what was learned in the classroom and work on instilling fundamental values in children, guiding them towards a more promising future.

This component arises from the absence of certified teachers in the physical education area, trained to enforce children’s psychomotor development.

Recreational Area:
We create spaces for the integration of the community, developing recreational initiatives that contribute to the personal growth and social development of children, teenagers and adults, fostering a culture of peace. In this area we enhance sports, culture and education for the proper use of free time, thus improving coexistence among the community members.

The program is also essential for the process aimed at weakening and disintegrating gangs, in order to reduce delinquency rates, thus developing people’s character, improving their individual balance and increasing the chances of living a more productive life.

Sports Area:
Sports outside of educational spaces are defined by Unicef as a “school for life,” because in an enjoyable way, fundamental values that are key for an integral life, are learned.

Seeking to provide a healthy alternative to spend free time, sports formation schools, based on the community’s sport interests, are the core of this area. Tournaments and sports exchanges are scheduled, opening a space in which children are able to interact with each other, learning about how they are all equal through experiences of respect and esteem, making them sympathetic to society.

The proper use of free time, using sports as a tool, enables children to develop physical abilities, improving their health, socializing, having fun and learning how to play as a part of a team, respecting the rules of the game and raising their self-esteem. Sports in fair proportions help the physical development of the children, improving and strengthening their mental capacity, becoming a preventative tool for their health in the future.

Finally, sports are a tool for children and teenagers to build and interiorize coexistence values such as the following, in practical ways:

  • Honesty
  • Discipline
  • Respect
  • Gender Quality
  • Solidarity
  • Health
  • Good Manners
  • Current Projects

    Formation in Values

    For the Fórmula Sonrisas Foundation it is of prime importance to work on the formation of values through its sports program, aimed at teaching all of the young beneficiaries to be better persons. The values that are worked on in the sports and recreation activities are the following:

    The efficacy of the program is assessed periodically by means of a methodology designed exclusively to measure the impact on the formation and strengthening of the aforementioned values on the beneficiaries.

    Honesty, Tolerance, Respect, Solidarity, Responsibility, Humility = FAIR PLAY

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    MY BEST FRIEND, is our sponsored program, the main goal of which is to contribute in a direct way to the children integral development through the Foundation’s three pillars: education, health and sports; thus preventing school dropouts, child labor and gang formation, among several other problems.

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