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Our Foundation has the endorsement of the most important regulatory and verification entity in the world, inasmuch as Social Responsibility is concerned.

Since its inception in 1828, the Bureau Veritas Group has been consistently building up its recognized expertise in assisting clients to fulfill the Quality, Health, Safety, Environmental and Social Responsibility standards and norms.

The network of regional and local offices of Bureau Veritas Colombia manages the relationships with the client and provides a comprehensive range of inspection services, testing and studies under local and international norms and standards for products, processes, vessel classification and related technical assistance, the formation of quality auditors, assays and analyses, as well as external contracting. As required, Bureau Veritas also provides consulting services.

Large and small organizations, both public and private, can count on Bureau Veritas to assist them in the protection of brands, assets and businesses. Bureau Veritas plays a key role, both in risk management and in improvements in the execution of processes.

Bureau Veritas displays the multi-disciplinary skills of over 33,000 employees in 850 branches and laboratories throughout the world. Please write or call to request more information.



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This is the story of John Javier Fiquer

My name is John Javier Fiquer and I am 13 years old. I have been coming to the training school of the Foundation for two years now. Here, I have learned good and positive things for my life; before I was spending too much time in the street with my friends, doing nothing; I had a bad temper and I was rude with others.

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MY BEST FRIEND, is our sponsored program, the main goal of which is to contribute in a direct way to the children integral development through the Foundation’s three pillars: education, health and sports; thus preventing school dropouts, child labor and gang formation, among several other problems.

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